Light/icon status

1. One battery bar flashes white: low battery. Please charge it.
2. Red icons: troubleshoot accordingly.

Charging status

Two ways to charge:
1. Remove the battery and charge it directly with the adaptor. Red light indicates charging, solid yellow light for a full charge.
2. Charge with the wall-mounted charger. Increasing bar indicates charging, solid bars for a full charge.


Eco: 10KPA, 60mins
Auto: 20KPA, 16-34mins
Max: 25KPA, 12-14mins

Suction power increases when turned off

It’s designed so, not malfunctioning.

Battery's dead

Reinstall the battery and charge it fully.

Low suction power

1. Clean filter assembly and the dust container, then correctly install them.
2. Replace the HEPA filter.

Display shows red fan icon

1. Clean the dust container and filter assembly.
2. Remove the roller brush and detangle it. Clean the bearings on both sides of the brush head.
3. Power off for 30 minutes and restart the vacuum.

Does not charge / Short runtime

1. Use the original adaptor, and check if the voltage is 34.2V.
2. Charge the battery directly or use the wall-mounted charger.

Cannot not power on

Remove the metal extension tube and attach the electric broom head directly to the engine. If it functions, then the metal extension tube needs replacement. please reach customer service.

Dust container cracks

Replace the
dust container.

Brush head lights on, brush won't turn

Remove the roller brush and
detangle it. Clean the bearings on both sides of the brush head.

Black screen when charging

Insert the
adaptor in place.

Air outlet heats up

Clean the HEPA filter and
dust container. If it happens after fully charged, then it’s normal.

Joint button(s) broke

Keep the springs, and reach
customer service for joint buttons.

Buckles of brush head broke

Replace the
brush head.

Motor error

the battery. If in vain, please reach customer service.